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HOPS.® simple integration to a trade-show booth

Bestmann Messebau International shows the easy integration of an 40″ HOPS.® projection screen in a trade-show booth (DMFV booth at IFA 2014). We give support in design of the projection geometry and the perfect positioning of the projector and, of course, we support the installation and the adjustment of the projection system.

Projection systems by vision optics (formerly at the fair Salon International de Haute Horlogerie 2007 at Geneva

Lange und Söhne presented their products on a HOPS.®-Touch screen from glass with a screen size of 3,3m (130 inch) and in 16:9 aspect ratio.
More fantastic virtual effects were been tangible on an HOPS.®-Touch-kiosk by vision optics.


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Centre of Art and Media Karlsruhe

HOPS.®-Glass as integral part of the interdisciplinary project “Web of Life” at the ZKM Karlsruhe.


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Light redirecting installation at the market square of Mittweida

The artwork of Georg-T. Kozik at the market square of Mittweida is ablazed with light by using light redirecting holographic optics
made by vision optics (formerly

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Television studio of “euromaxx” newscast on Deutsche Welle Berlin

The “euromaxx” television studio  is equipped with three holographic-optical projection screens HOPS.®-Glass made by vision optics (formerly

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Calculation of projection geometry and realization of the projector and mirror system for BTA Video Marketing GmbH, Berlin.
Used in a television production.

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