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vision optics – The expert in daylight projection

HOPS.® (Holographic-Optical Projection Screens) are transparent projection screens for large-format reproduction of pictures under day-light or under direct spotlight. The heart of HOPS.® is a high-resolution optical system which only redirects the light of a projector which is pointing in the right projection angle at the screen to the viewer. All other ambient light is not affected by the light redirection effect of HOPS.®. The result is a daylight, rasterfree projection of fascinating quality. Hence vision optics has obtained technological leadership in developing and manufacturing of transparent and daylight-capable projection screens.

Advantages of HOPS.®

Insensitive to distracting light

 Raster free homogenous screen

Extremely high-resolution and definition

Great viewing angle

High durability

No hotspot

Easy to clean

Suitable for touch screen-applications


Fields of application

Retailing, banking, conferences and seminars, museums, public facilities, fairs, events and gastronomy, broadcasting, defence (simulation systems, …), hotels, signage systems, fast food restaurants (digital menus), surgeries, government, video conferencing, education, house of worship, control rooms, distance learning, digital signage, narrow casting, point of sale, point of information and many more