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HOPS.® Touch Great Performance for one of the biggest TV Shows Gallileo Mystery on PRO 7
0:56 min 10 MB
Interactive presentation on the TV show “Galileo Spezial” : “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Broadcasted at “ProSieben” on Oct. 15th 2006. This special customized  1,65m (65 Inch) HOPS.® Glass Touch screen shows the outstanding transparency and raster free performance of our products.
The complete hardware implementation was created by the great staff from MediaScreen GmbH Munich.

HOPS.® am Point of Sale
0:12 min 4 MB

Cologne 2007

Light installation artwork by Gregor-T. Kotzik at the market place of Mittweida
0:30 min 3,3 MB

This artwork by Gregor-T. shines in an impressing blaze of colors by using light redirecting optics made by vision optics (formerly

Summary of Gregor-T. Koziks artistic producing
4:36 min 33 MB

Gregor T. Kozik uses the outstanding attributes of holographic products by vision optics (formerly sax3d) in his stunning artworks.